New Build having problems.

Hey there guys, I just finished a new build and I've been having problems. I haven't overclocked it yet but sometimes when I'm playing games on it, the system simply shuts down. I've checked the temperatures and they seem to be running fine. The CPU under load is about 40-45C and GPU maxes out at about 53C.

When it does shut down, it seems to display what would happen during a CPU overheat. Such as shutting down and then taking a minute to start back up where during that minute the system wouldn't turn on even if I pressed the button. My other idea is that since I have a ton of fans in my system my PSU simply can't keep up, but I find that very unlikely since it's a brand new corsair 750W.

Here are the specs.

AMD 965 BE
CM Hyper 212+
Corsair 750W PSU
XFX Double D 6870
Antec 900 case
GSKILL 1866 RAM running at 1600

I have a total of 6 fans running in my system. 2 120mm fans Push/Pull on my 212+, 1 200mm fan, and 3 120mm case fans. I have a fan controller and I might have been running them at 100% when I was gaming but I still don't think it would've caused my PSU to fail.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm going to run Prime95 on it tonight to see if anything happens.
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  1. That was going to be my suggestion, run Prime95 and see if you get any errors
  2. start by running cpu-a and making sure your ram speed and timing are fine. the spd tab will show you the rated speed of the ram. also check the mb vendor to see if you have all the bios bug fixes. there are programs like hardware monitor that you can set up to log your temps and may not be the ps this time...could be a bad cap or voltage reg on the mb that when it gets hot it fails.
  3. Hey guys, ran Prime95 tonight and from the results everything passed but my computer still shut down overnight and I had to reset the PSU (switched on and off the power switch on the back) for it to restart.

    Here are the RAM timings:

    and the pastebin of the Prime95 results. I'm going to try the Mobo BIOS update if there is one. From what I recall, when I checked on my system, the CPU was around a max temperature of about 65 C, which should be fine right?
  4. Well I'm almost certain it's the power supply now. It shut down earlier and now won't restart. It also failed the paper clip test.
  5. You got it right. If you have to turn on and off at the PSU switch it is almost certainly a PSU issue.
  6. That's for the feedback, I'm going to RMA the power supply. Anyone have any experience with corsair RMA? Would it be possible to have advanced replacement and have them fork up the shipping fee? Also should I use UPS or USPS?
  7. before you RMA, have you tried unplugging and reseating all connectors?
  8. Yep, I unplugged and put back all the connectors into the motherboard and the GPU. It worked for a few hours but I left it on overnight and it shut down at around 12:30 AM. Last time I tried was around 8:30 AM and it still would not restart. I'm going to try the paperclip test one last time when I get home from work.
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