What cpu?

what cpu and why?

amd 965be?

amd 6 core?


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  1. wont be gaming or that, just the normal stuff, just wanna know if i will notice any diffrence, like my pcs to be fast and snappy
  2. Quad-Core is usually enough today, save you're money for when you need it.
    If you're not a gamer and not doing CPU intensive tasks (eg: Video Encoding) then even a Core i3 (Dual Core, with HyperThreading) is quite snappy.

    If you want 'real' snappy performance then I'd suggest getting a Samsung 830 or 840 (new firmware) SSD, or an Intel SSD for your main OS drive, it makes far more difference in response times that double the CPU clock-speed or even core count.
  3. +1^ you could consider something like the i3 3220 or Phenom II X4 955 even if not gaming....

    there is this deal on the Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition (on sale, 69.99)

    Valid for Americans and Canadians.
  4. AMD A8-5600K Trinity APU with a snappy SSD

    Pick up some low-latency DDR3 2133 and roll with it.

    If you are the tweaking type, you could experiment with lowering the RAMs speed a bit while dropping the timings even further to snap things up even more .....
  5. IF you're not gaming at all, the A8 or 965 is MORE than enough for you.
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