Radeon 6870 questions

I am thinking about getting the radeon 6870, but I have a couple questions about it.

Is it water cooling ready?

If anyone has it please post the WEI no matter your thoughts about it.

If you have Batman Arkham City or Arkham Asylum please post FPS on its benchmarks.

Does it get very hot

What are your overall thoughts of pairing it with an i5 2500k will it bottleneck??

Here is the link I will get it from.

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  1. I will be using it for gaming only nothing else exept for I want to be able to watch movies nicely.
  2. WEI for HD 6870 is 7.8 for me
  3. go and grab a his version i repeat his version aweeeeeesome card man never look backward to water cooling or overheating issue i have one of it
  4. whos version
  5. HIS 6870 ice q version
  6. Over the double d version?
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