I3-3217U - where to purchase?

Where can I purchase an i3-3217U CPU? I only get zillions of hits on laptops containing the CPU whenever I google for i3-3217U. When I check my favorite online stores I can't find the i3-3217U. I would like to build a new firewall and the i3-3217U has a good performance/watt ratio. Suggestions for MB to go with the i3-3217U are also welcome.
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  1. I'm pretty sure it's soldered into the actual board.

    It is actually a CPU that's used in ultra books.
  2. If you check ark.intel.com for this processor you will see that it is a tray (also called OEM) processor and that it is a FCBGA1023. In many cases this processor isn't going to be one that you can pick up and replace.

    You may be able to use something like these new Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computing) with a small SSD it may work very well for your needs.
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