First time making pc (wont start)

i just got new parts for a new computer on saturday and put them all together and they are all in the right place and i close the case turn the power on and it wont start i know the power supply is working because the little light on my motherboard glows when i turn on the switch but when try to turn the pc on at the front nothing happens no flashing or anything

my specs:
8gb ram (ripjaws) two sticks of ram
Seasonic power supply
Asus P8Z77-V LK
no graphics card (trying to run it off the motherboard due to budget)
1tb ram
I7 3770
Antec 25 one case

Please help me
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  1. Please follow the guide in the "won't start" sticky. 99.99% chance your issue is in there and much quicker to find the problem following methodical approach than us just guessing and you running in circles. If none of that works we'll go from there

    if you plan on gaming or anything 3D you'd be much better off with an i5, 4GB of ram, and a real gpu, if returns are an option. The Intel gpu won't really do any gaming, and hardly anyone will benefit from an i7.

    If your only doing CPU base workloads or something specific (work/number crunching/quick sync) your build might make sense though
  2. Surprisingly None of that worked any other recommendations
  3. If you have been through everything on that list, including jumping the PSU, and taking it out of the case and breadboarding it with JUST the PSU, motherboard, and CPU/fan and possibly ram and you are not getting post beeps/the CPU fan is not starting then you have a faulty component.

    If you can swap the PSU as suggested, or at least tried to jump the on pins and it worked, and it still doesn't respond it's probably the motherboard. Unless you have another system to try your PSU or CPU with to test them
  4. Two things will the computer automatically use the intergrated graphics on my mother board and i know that the psu works because light on my motherboard flashs so that means somethings going right (still learning) but if thats not it i will breadboard it thanks for the help
  5. flashing lights on the board doesn't mean the PSU is good. There are several different voltage rails on the PSU.
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