Asus Xonar D1 Sound Card

I have Asus Xonar D1 and Logitech Z-906 Speakers.
What I want to know is what cable do I get to connect Dolby Digital Cable to the sound card?
Now I read the manual which I wish it came with the cable but says digital cable with an adapter. Should I buy both separate or 2 in 1 cable and do I have to by a specific brand or type for it to work?
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  1. The D1 shares its SPDIF output port with the microphone input port, hence the need for an adapter.

    I forget if the D1, by default, uses coax or optical for its SPDIF output, so I'd hold of on buying a cable until you know for sure which one it uses.
  2. It uses the same as all the other inputs. SPDIF input is the same for a Microphone connection
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