Advice on homebuilt system

Current rig:
i5 2500k
CM Evo 212 (cpu cooler)
Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
2x4gb Corsair Vengeance @1600MHz
128gb SSD Samsung 830 Series.
Seasonic X-750W Gold

Cheapest 24" 60hz Asus monitor.

I am currently in need of a graphic card! Any help?

Some info-
Games i play (from most to least): CoD4 (75%), BF3 / Crysis 2 / MW3 / CSS (25%).


I was thinking about the GTX 670 from Asus (non-top version)
Will i have screen tearing? Anyone here has the GTX 670 on a 24" 60hz display?

My other option would be the GTX 690 aswell as the BenQ 120hz monitor. It would be way overkill for my own purposes.
And if it is not necessary i would rather keep my money to spend on clothing (luxury stuff blabla).


I was running this setup above with the Gainward GTX 570 that i just gave to my smaller bro.
I don't remember seeing screen tearing on it, maybe a few times, really don't remember.

What i would really hate is to get screen tearing, especially on CoD4 where my old GTX 570 could get 250fps steady. (CoD4 FPS is locked to a maximum of 250fps).
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  1. Im thinking 7870.. personally
  2. goodguy713 said:
    Im thinking 7870.. personally

    Wut? Too late, got a GTX 670, but i still have 5hours if i want to exchange it for a 690 and get a 120hz screen.

    I'm really scared of the possible screen tearing with the 670 on a 60hz monitor.
    The 690 on a 120hz shouldn't have this issue. But it is wayy overkill for me ^^
  3. why are you "thinking" about a 670 if you already bought one? saying what you mean helps we dont read minds lol.

    What screen tearing are you even talking about? Screen tearing happens when your FPS is higher than your refresh rate and that's what vsync is for. Turn it on. FPS higher than your refresh rate is pointless.

    I'm not sure why you think a 120Hz has any affect on it, and if you were going to SLI for some reason two 670s make more sense than an over priced 690. But again, why are you dragging refresh rate into SLI?
  4. Just wanted to make sure the 670 was a good choice.

    Now for screen tearing, I play alot of CoD4 @250fps (It's limited to 250 on every server).
    For Vsync, do i have to download an app? Cause ingame on Cod4 in the options, there is one called : Sync every frame - YES / [NO].
    So would putting [YES] enable vsync? or is that something else? By the way, i'm not going to go under 250fps for cod4.
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