Estimation of a WEI Score?

Hi. I'd just like to know if anyone could give me an estimated WEI score for the parts and the system?
Thanks, they are:
Intel i7 3700k Ivy Bridge 3.5ghz 8MB Retail Box
GE-IL 16GB Kit (2x8gb) DDR3 Evo Veloce 1600Mhz
Silicon Power Velox v30 2.5' 120gb SSD Sata 3 550/510
XFX HD 7970 925m/5500m 3gb
Windows 7 Home Premium
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  1. 5.9 for the average, why? Because it takes the lowest score, and Windows is ridiculously and pointlessly stupid about Hard Drive Performance. Its possible to get a 7.9, I read a thread on some forum about it once, guy ran 4 SSDs in a RAID.

    As far as anything else, it would score pretty high, but really WEI is kinda useless in general. Hell, my Phenom II and 550 TI get 7.5 and 7.4 respectively. And neither my CPU or Video card are anywhere close to being on the level of those components you're asking about.
  2. Correct about how pointless WEI scores are, but he is buying an SSD so he'll get higher then 5.9. I'm guessing most scores will be between 7.3 and 7.9. Not sure what the overall score will be.
  3. The scores would be pretty high, though the overall depends on how Windows feels on that day. I'v had my CPU go up .2 just by running the test again the next day.
    My Vertex 4 128GB is getting 7.9 on WEI.

    I agree that WEI is a pretty bad way to judge a systems performance, only use it to impress the computer illiterate, or you will get laughed at.
  4. HA! I wouldn't even try to impress the computer illiterate with it, you'd be surprised, I've found even the seemingly biggest morons you've ever met can come up with some Albert Einstein s%^& sometimes... Just like sitcoms!
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