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Hello all I'm here today because my soon just bought a new star wars game and our computer it's having trouble running it "fast". He says it's very skippy and said it would be his graphic equipment. Our computer probably isn't for games but it was cheap. We own a hp pavilion slimline s5-1204 I was told..

Any helpwould be greatly appreciated! Replacing some parts it's fine but I don't want a new computer as I just bought it 3 months ago!!!
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  1. He's right, you need a graphics card. The problem for you is that the power supply in your PC is light weight, and won't output enough power for a card. You may need to upgrade to a 400 watt model to be able to use a lot of the cards out now. The rest of the computer is fine (well, ok) for gaming, it just needs a graphics card.

    Which star wars game is it?
  2. Its an online game that his friends play I dont know the name unfortunately..

    So if I need those parts where and what certain things should I look for? The most I do on a computer is upload pictures
  3. Still looking for suggestions!
  4. The problem here is the anemic power supply (220 watts) and since this is an HP Slimline, it's probably not easy (if even possible) to replace with something better. That power supply isn't going to power much more than the very basic (budget) graphic cards. While that would give your son some improvement in game play, I'm not sure if it's worth the cost.

    If you want to give it a shot, something like this Low-Profile Ready XFX Radeon HD 6450 would probably fit into the small case. If you don't mind waiting for the rebate, it's only $20.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Okay so I would need to replace the power supply and graphic card? Also you said the case it's too small to fit anything in it.. Is there anything I can do about that short of just buying a whole new computer?
  6. Update I had a friend tell me I could get a new case and transfer all of my hardware.. Would this work?
  7. Many reviews on Newegg suggest that you can run a 6570 or 6670 card on 250 watt PSUs. Try shopping for Low Profile versions of these two cards.
  8. With those would he see an obvious difference?
  9. Try a 6450. It's less powerful than the 6670 but might be all your 220w could handle. Yes, it would be significantly better. And they're only like $25 after rebate.
  10. Quote:
    Update I had a friend tell me I could get a new case and transfer all of my hardware.. Would this work?

    This might be your best option, but I just don't know for sure. If possible, I'd have your friend take a look inside your computer to make sure the components and the rear I/O shield can be removed.

    I'd also have your friend bring over a spare standard ATX power supply to see if the system can be powered up using it.

    If the answer to both questions is yes, then just moving the components to a new case with a new power supply and graphics card should work for you.

    As for just adding a graphics card to your current configuration, you'd probably see a noticeable difference, but I'm just not sure if it's worth the cost. How much money do you really want to drop into this upgrade?

    -Wolf sends
  11. power draw on these low end cards - you should be fine with 6670. You guys who are suggesting that better cards use too much power, read up on the test kit used for this bench, its a 2500k on a p67. Certainly more draw than the pentium in this poster's machine.

    read on newegg about all the people that are using this fine in their slim line HPs and dells with tiny PSUs.

    Would this work? Or do I need to look for smaller
  13. It's way too big. You'd be looking at something like this:

    Actually, I even this it would be the best option for you, because it's the fastest low profile (small) card I know, and it will also run on 220W power supply. So if you don't want to upgrade the case and the power supply as well, this will work perfectly for your needs. It's pretty fast too.
  14. Ok sunius I looked into the reviews and it looks like it would work for me. However the detail page says it requires a minimum of 400 and that it gets hot. Should I pay attention to this?
  15. You don't. We have showed you already that your power supply will be enough. Also, user reviews are usually very inaccurate. And since it is the best option you've got, you should take it.
  16. Okay that's what ill do then thanks everyone for the help and I hope he seed and improvement!!
  17. Glad I helped ;).
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