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I just built my first PC, at present I have a cheap case however the problem I have is where I should actually place an intake fan at the front of the case.
The case has a front bottom panel with a filter then behind it has a gap as deep as a 80mm fans depth, behind it is a fan mount with a grill which is then directly inside the case.
The question is where would the fan operate best as an intake, inside the case drawing air through both a filter and a grill or just a filter and blowing it through a grill?

Thanks in advance for any answers.
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  1. You should really put the fan at the front of the case. Then invest a bit of money and get two more fans as exhaust fans. You can pick up some good cheap ones for about £7 ~ $11 . Personally I use the " CoolerMaster Sickleflow 120mm Red Fan " and they work beautifully !
  2. What is your case (link it, if possible)? Best if we can visually see it...
  3. http://www.overclock.co.uk/product/EZ-Cool-501-USB-Screwless-Black-Micro-ATX-Tower-Case-500W-PSU_44705.html

    This isnt the exact case but the same principle, if you see the lower inside has a grill fan mount, well infront of it a space to have the fan behind the filter.
  4. Are we talking about the side panel hole? I don't seem to see any fan slots for the front of the case....
  5. Theres an inside case picture thumbnail on the site, its the front lower fan mount.
  6. Ah, failed to click on that picture, I would say place the fan there. If the filter is good, it wont block that much of the airflow from the fan. In addition, is the front of the case have some detachable part? For the fan to suck air from....?
  7. Yeah the front of the case is full filtered which has separate filter panels that can be removed. So you reckon that the grill wont affect the intake?
  8. Nah, don't worry about it...some fans come with a grill attached.
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