New build. Need peoples opinions!!!

Im leaning on these parts for my pc build
Tell me what you think about it.
Cpu-intel core i5 3570k
Gpu- sapphire radeon 7850 2gb (oc edition)
Mobo- asus p8z77-v pro
Ssd- 120gb ocz agility 3 for my operating system
Hdd- WD caviar black 500gb 7200rpm for storage
Ram-geil black dragon 16gb (2x8gb)
Psu-thermaltake black widow 850w
Cpu cooler- cooler master hyper 212
Case- cooler master Haf 912
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  1. Bad PSU, Bad SSD, overpriced and overkill motherboard, overkill RAM. Change PSU to XFX 550W, mobo to ASRock Z77 Extreme4, SSD to Vertex 4, and RAM to 8GB G.Skill Ares.
  2. Yea ill change the mobo i like that one better. But do you have any other options for a different psu? I really want a modular one and one that can handle crossfire in the future
  3. The Pc Power and Cooling Silencer 600W is modular and can run 2 7850s.
  4. Thanks for you help! Ill wait what other people think but i changed the mobo,ssd, and ram already.
  5. .......
  6. Guess that means it is good. :P
  7. Yea i guess so haha. Thanks for your help man!
  8. Psu is a bit overkill, Even with overclocking
  9. bluexephos said:
    Psu is a bit overkill, Even with overclocking

    We covered that already. :)
  10. Do you guys think i should buy a better video card? Or should i just go crossfire
  11. You CAN buy a better video card if you want.
  12. Yea thats what im thinking but im already at the top of my budget.. How much fps do you think i can get on ultra on bf3 with the 7850?
  13. Probably around 60fps when OCed to 1GHz.
  14. Hmm thats seems like a very playable frame rate. Better than my 8fps 2004 old computer lol.
  15. Im also gonna get the asus 24" led monitor it looks good
  16. Go for it. I personally don't like 24" at 1080p.
  17. Why?
  18. Low Pixels Per Inch.
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