How to tell if PSU is capable of Crossfire

I was looking at a couple power supplies but both said SLI ready or certified but did not mention Crossfire. Can I onle get power supplies that state that they are ready or certified or is there something that I can look for to be able to tell if the power supply will fit me needs?

Is there a difference between Crossfire Ready and Crossfire Certified?

I saw this one on sale for $59.99 but unfamiliar with the brand. Anyone know if it is any good or if the brand is any good? Will it work well for me?

Current setup so far:
Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard
Radeon HD 6850 - Would like to have option to Crossfire in the future if needed.
Crucial SSD M4 256GB
i7-2600K Processor

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  1. Looks like a good deal. 750 watts, as ct1615 said, is overkill, I could run my 6950s on that and have room to OC the CPU and GPUs (I've had them running on a 650 Corsair) NZXT is good, not top of the line manufacturer, but decent enough. AMD's 6000 range is quite power efficient too, so you'll be good to go.
  2. ct1615 said:
    NZXT is not a manufacturer, neither is corsair. they are a very good brand though, not well know as some others, but their PSUs are as good as many seasonic, corsairs pc power & cooling, & xfx PSUs. in fact, your corsair and the NZXT he linked probably use the exact same platform.

    Yeah, sorry, meant brand. And I have used NZXT, they're great, but I had to upgrade since and a Corsair was the way to go, it seemed - 4 years on it's still running great (the NZXT was put in another system and die just out of warranty, probably due to over-stressing)
  3. HardwareSecrets just reviewed another NZXT though, and it was a huge leap backwards:
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