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Hey, you guys are modern day heroes. I've always found an answer to any question I had on this site, and never had to actually make an account, but it seems that day has come!

I've put some work on my little sister's pc. It's an old AMD single core and was covered in dust. I took everything apart and cleaned it up. Also put a small overclock on it to try and get the best out of it. Anyway, it has an MSI MS-7032 ( motherboard and has connectors for USB that I hadn't seen before. Now, I followed all instructions on putting the front panel and that device that has those SD slots (forgot the name) back into the JUSB1 and JUSB 2 slots. However, my little sister called me an hour ago and said that whenever she plugs in her wireless USB internet, her mouse stops working. They are both plugged in in the back and I asked her to change them around but no combinations (not front panel either) works.

I am trying to figure out what might be the problem but I don't really understand these old pc's too well (like how hard drives need to have a primary and board side on the IDE cables etc.) and I am thinking that perhaps I should switch around the cables that are going into the JUSB1 and JUSB 2 slots? Do you guys know what might be causing this problem? Perhaps even know how to fix it?

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