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Is this a good power supply?

I'm planning to get this for my first build. Do you think its a good choice?
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  1. bigcyco1 said:

    Its a bit out of my budget....Even the Rosewill one is out of my budget, but the promo code knocking it down to 59 bucks makes it somewhat more bearable....The point is, 59 bucks is already stretching a bit, and I'd rather not stretch more : /

    So I guess the question is really, Is the psu I listed the very best I can get for an absolute max of 60 bucks? (before mail-in rebates, too)
  2. It's pressing your luck it's a barley acceptable psu but i think it's the best you can do yes.
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  4. delluser1 said:
    +1 much better.I think this is best answer.
  5. delluser1 said:

    Ah, thank you! That looks good...Rebates are annoying, but oh well. I've heard a lot of good things about xfx power supplies
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