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Ok so here is my problem. I like to run 2 accounts of EVE Online with my dual screen setup and I have beenn having FPS issues. I have both accounts set to the minimum specs and it will play good but then randomly my CPU will be at a 100 percent work load and the FPS will drop. Then out of nowhere the CPU will go back to 40 percent and all will be fine. What could be the problem? Im thinking my graphics card is retro and is being over worked and putting the load on the CPU but I am unsure about how this all works. I have an 800 dollars budget to work with to upgrade my system. Can you please provide me with a possible solution and upgrade recommendations?

Win7 64bit
8 gigs of RAM
GeForce 9800 GTX+
AMD Phenom II X3 720 (3 CPU) 2.8 GHz
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  1. Yeah you'll probably need an upgrade. A triple core CPU isn't very well optimised either... The GPU doesn't technically put the load on the CPU, it can bottleneck it though. If you can't afford a new system, go for an AMD Phenom II X4 955 and overclock it and an nVidia GTX560 Ti, if you can get one, otherwise you'll need to go for a full upgrade.

    For $800... Go for an Intel Core i5 (for an $800 budget, you'd be fine with a lower end i5), an Asus Z77 motherboard, keep your RAM, keep hard drives, maybe spend a bit on a SSD, and then buy either an nVidia GTX560Ti or an AMD 7850 (I would recommend that) and then on top of all that, make sure you've got a decent power supply.
  2. Wow you guys have pretty much the same answers I came to by myself. At least I know i am on the right page. You guys are a huge help! Thanks for the helpful and timely response!

    Just one more question. Do you think that a 500w PSU will support the motherboard, i5-2500K, and the 560ti?
  3. Justught a Z77 mobo, an XFX 7850, and an i5-2500k, i will let you know the performance gains I get. It all cost me less then 700 dollars.
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