New build or upgrade?

My current system:

CPU: i5-750
Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E
Graphics: Radeon HD 5850
RAM: 8 GB - Cant remember the brand right now

My problem if I should upgrade almost the whole system into one like this one under this text, or if I should just buy a bigger graphics card instead. I'm playing Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3.

Potiental upgrade:

CPU: i5-2500k
Motherboard: ASRock X79 Extreme4 - or something like that
Graphics: Radeon HD 6950 or Radeon HD 7850
RAM: Same as I got now

So what do you think? What would benefit me the most? Upgrading the "whole" system or just the graphics card?
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  1. Did I put this in the right section? And please tell me if I lack any information, then I'll add that.

    Whats important for me in the future too, is that its possible to add a SSD along the road. I've never tried a SSD, so I have no idea if all motherboards can handle those
  2. probably the whole system
  3. aliromy70 said:
    probably the whole system

    Okay. you dont think that my system can last a year or so with a new graphics card?
  4. just clock your 750 up will give most of amds *** a run for its money and get a better video card, a 6950 isnt much of a step up its about as fast as a 5870 maybe just get like a gtx670 and it will run sweet
  5. Definitely pick the 7850 over the 6950.
  6. Jason > Thats not an option for me regarding the gfx card. It costs 540$ in my country :(

    Lukie > How come? As far as I can see in the benchmarks, then the 7850 and 6950 performs allmost equally. Unless I'm reading them wrong?
  7. @ PF85 - where dya live? Bangladesh by any chance? you would see the best returns out of getting a jump on anew GPU. CPU would be able to handle anything you throw at it with a nice OC to 3.6GHz provided you have a good cpu cooler and your case airflow is speckle free.

    Right about now, we'll need to know what brand/make/model of rams you have. Since they are usually what make and/or break an OC on a good mobo+cpu combo(also the cooler)
  8. Lutfij > Sorry, Denmark :)

    My RAM are: Corsair Vengeance PC3-12800

    The last time I tried to OC my CPU I had to reinstall Win 7 :D
    Dont know what went wrong, but I dont have any experience with OC. Oh and I got a Corsair Hydro waterkit on it. I think that I have a decent airflow.
  9. waterkit huh?which one dya have? corsair H???

    well as far as reviews go, that asus board is the highest end board (except the ROG series) to overclock like crazy. If you had to re-install win7 then you def didn't do it the right way.

    google will help you find a guide to overclocking that ship on that board. If you can't I'll pitch in with some typing. :)

    ram check out fine, they are nice for newbs to overclock their rigs.

    case? If you could detail how the overclock went, then maybe we can find out if your case does have proper airflow.
  10. My case is a NZXT Phantom
  11. All that CPU-Z says is that its a Asus P7P55D-E

    Thanks for the link :)
  12. and there's no way of knowing if you open the side panel of your case?
  13. Well I'm pretty sure that its only a P7P55D-E

    I'll try and take out my case and open it up
  14. PF85 said:
    Jason > Thats not an option for me regarding the gfx card. It costs 540$ in my country :(

    your talking about upgrading your whole system cpu, mobo, video card, the whole lot im sure that upgrade will cost you more than your $540!! im just saying the rest of your system still quite competitive and to spend your budget on the gpu!!

    Lukie > How come? As far as I can see in the benchmarks, then the 7850 and 6950 performs allmost equally. Unless I'm reading them wrong?

    the do perform similar but if you can have one that uses less power, creates less heat and is quieter why wouldnt you get it
  15. Okay, så I'm thinking about following Jasons advice and look for a GTX 670. Theres always so many different brands, but should I choose anyone over the other?
  16. you didn't get back with my questions mate...:/ and we also need to know your psu to prescribe a GPU..:??:
  17. Oh *** sorry Lut, I forgot all about that. My motherboard is a P7P55D-E. This one -

    And my PSU is a Corsair VX550W
  18. ^ so you're sure about that, 150%? :) and its not any other version?

    a few more questions:
    what res dya you game on your monitor?
  19. 150%. I opened the case and it said P7P55D-E in the middle. I then looked at the pictures of motherboards with the same name, and it looked like it matched :)

    My screens resolutions is 1920x1200
  20. Yeah, your system is fine, if you want to play those games you should just buy a more powerful graphics card,
    like the upcoming 660 Ti or an AMD counterpart, like the 7950, 7870, 7850. If the 670 doesn't fit in your budget, of course.
  21. Okay. Well I might as well go for the 670 if the rest of my system is just fine :)
  22. The ideal thing would be to swap the CPU and mobo every 3-4 years, and swap the GPU every 2.
  23. Okay. The reason for me changing the whole system were to give my gf my old system and then settle for a lesser GPU for myself. But I'm beginning to think that she'll benefit alot from just getting my current GPU over her 8800 GT
  24. you can actually play games fine on the existing card. If you're going to swap it in for something better than go no less than a card thas at least three tiers higher than the one you have. Otherwise it'll seem useless to upgrade.,3107-7.html
    and the GTX670 fits that image perfectly. However, you could go with a 680 and be done with it for another 4 years of gaming.

    The cpu/mobo/ram rig is more than capable of pulling its own weight.

    * PSU - is the only weak link here mate. Suggest getting something around 80+gold rated 650W psu.
  25. But that leeds me back to my previous question. Are there any difference between the brands really? I Know that theres a few Mhz between them, but some of them got 2 coolers on them etc.

    Should I just buy the cheapest of them?
  26. Lut > What does 80+gold rated mean? And thanks for that informative answer :)
  27. how much dya have to spend and we'll pick one for you. OI! whats your case?
  28. I dont that I can go higher than 500$ really. Oh and my case is a NZXT Phantom
  29. PF85 said:
    Lut > What does 80+gold rated mean? And thanks for that informative answer :)
    * your welcome, and here is the answer to your 80+ question

    $500 for the card alone?!?! can you pitch in some more for the psu? and btw you have a link you'd like to shop from?
  30. Well 500$ dosent get you very far here in Denmark. The card alone costs almost 480$ here. I usually buy from a danish site or or

    I have no idea if I can scrape up some more money, but if you can come up with some suggestions then I can find out later. And thanks for your help
  31. Thanks alot again :)
  32. you're welcome again :)
  33. Never mind regarding - They dont ship to Denmark
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