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As you might have seen here on the forums I've been doing alot of complaining about Nvidia not being able to keep up with demand for GTX 680's. I've been looking and wating and right now I found some reference 680's in stock from Zotac. I've been debating on if I should jump in a get one or wait for EVGA 680's to come in stock. I know they use the same GPU and the card layout is based off of Nvidia's reference design but I'm not convinced that Zotac is a reliable company. I've always been told that for Nvidia cards EVGA is the way to go. You're getting a good card from a company that won't take short cuts and screw thier customers. I've never heard people flat out say Zotac is junk but I've heard some complaints about quality control. So what do you think? How are Zotac cards in quality and reliablity?
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  1. zotac are first class excellent performance.
  2. Ok. I really got the impression that Zotac, PNY and Galaxy were second tier video card manufactures. It always seems EVGA, MSI and ASUS is the most reccommended.
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