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I have an older intel D875PBZLK with a P4 3.0c Northwood processor and 4GB RAM. I use this PC for recording audio. I'm looking to max out what I have before moving on to something more up-to-date. I dug around and found some compatibility specs for the motherboard. The max processor for that board is the Extreme 3.40. Would this be the most economical solution? Seeing how P4 processors and boards are pretty inexpensive at this point I was also looking at other boards; possibly dual processor. Any suggestions?

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  1. Post a budget for better advice. Starmicro has your p4 cheap: http://starmicroinc.net/intel-pentium-340ghz-800mhz-sl7e6sl8k4-p-439.html but I don't know if you'll be happy with the performance boost.
  2. Price is not an issue as I'm just trying to figure out what my options are. If you don't think the processor upgrade would yield noticeable results, then perhaps a different motherboard (multi-processor)? My goal is to not have to upgrade my OS or recording software and PCI interface (if I don't have to).
  3. As I said, it's much easier to give advice with a firm budget; you can also link a vender if you're out of the usa. I use newegg.com.
  4. Okay, let's say $300, then. And I use newegg as well.
  5. Wonderful! Thanks for your help. I'm assuming I'll have to get rid of XP?
  6. No. You'll find most device drivers on the motherboard cd's for xp. Download the board manual before you order (if you haven't changed a board in awhile), read it, and check their webpage for driver support. Windows 7 will install easier, but you can get it later. I use craigslist and sometimes find unopened copies of 7 for $50-60. I would get the pro or ultimate version. Some folks think you need to update the motherboard bios before installing windows 7, but that's not true. I recommend against flashing the bios on such new boards. They may already have the latest bios installed. Here's one example I found locally: http://austin.craigslist.org/sys/3471402247.html
  7. Great! Thanks again.
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