GTX 560 problem

Hi I have been having a problem with my computer. When I turn it on there is no display. I have tried a different monitor, I bought new RAM, PSU, Motherboard (no onboard graphics), a new processor, and a new DVI cable. I am not sure if my motherboard is suppose to beep or not and I have my speakers plugged in. The only thing I could think of is the GPU. So before I waste anymore money can somebody please help me. P.S. had the system for about 2 months before it did this.

ASRock 970DE3/U3S3 (new)
AMD Phenom ll Black Edition (new)
2 sticks corsair XMS3 4 gb 2 sticks (new)
500 gb HDD
Thermaltake 600 watts (new)
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  1. i would first look to see if your new mb can run your new cpu.
    if not check to see if your old one will run in the mb.
    also check to see that your ram has been tested for the motherboard. some ram wont work in some motherboards.
    I would also pull the mb from the case and lay it ontop of the mb box with the ram and video card. this will check that you did not short the mb out to the case. when it out of the case make sure both the 24 pin atx and the 4/8 pin mb atx power plug is plugged in. a lot of first time builders miss that extra power cable. also look that the reset and led cables are on the right pins on the mb. you could have a mb stuck in reset do to the cables on the front panel are on wrong. with the video card check that it needs one or two power plug a lot of people think that you just need one. also check that the cpu fan in plugged into the cpu fan header..some mb wont post unless that header is plugged in. the last thing that a poa is checking for bent pins under the cpu and on the cpu itself.
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