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I have a Acer 5253-BZ602 laptop that has a AMD 6310 integrated graphics chip.

I have searched around and cannot find if the motherboard in this laptop has a slot for a dedicated graphics card?

I'm starting to use some more graphic intensive software and would really like to upgrade the hardware.

Can anyone help find out if the motherboard for this system has a slot for a dedicated video card, and if so what type does it support?

Thank you!
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  1. It is very unlikely that it had revisions for a card since that one is built in the CPU. Laptop GPU's are not in retail so what you should do is contact Acer and ask them if it is possible.
  2. Since the laptop is using an AMD APU and the specs do not mention anything about running crossfire, I'd say that the system does not have a slot for a dedicated graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
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