Cpu,mobo,ram,psu-a new system suggestion

guys i'm going to buy new processor,mobo,ram and psu.
i made up a system after a long period time.and i'm going to buy tomorrow or day after tomorrow... so my system will be as follows
1.CPU-Intel 3.4 GHz LGA 1155 Core i5 3570K Processor
2.MoBo-ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard
3.RAM-Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) PC RAM (http://www.flipkart.com/corsair-vengeance-ddr3-8-gb-1-x-gb-pc-ram-cmz8gx3m1a1600c10/p/itmd8cfmbufg3dnq?pid=RAMD8CFMX53FYAXY&ref=ffcc5b40-37bd-4913-bb72-790d83c03dcb)
so what my questions are
1.is this psu good enough for oc-ing 3570k (i will oc 4.5 to 5ghz maximum not more than 5ghz) ?

2.I am still in confuse whether i choose 2500k or 3570k.after researching lot about those CPUs...many reviews say that 2500k is best for oc but lack of efficiency a little,on the other side 3570k is faster than 2500k but becomes hot upto 4.4ghz oc.....blah blah blah.....
i want to know which one better...give a suggestion.

3.will this ram work properly with asrock xtreme4?

4.(most important)
guys i want to know how the gpu will work....?
will gpu in cpu (ivy)+discrete graphic card (amd hd6670 1gb ddr5) work together?
or discrete gpu will replace integrated gpu of cpu?

so that's all my queries....if anyone has better suggestion for this system....feel free to post.

ohh 1 thing.....I'm only for GAMING
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  1. why buy such high end components, and have a 6670? its possibly the worst gpu out there, and most dont even consider it a gaming card.

    Get a GTX 660 or something, beast card if your on a budget

    And your better off buying 2x8gb or, 2x4 gb of ram
  2. but @chromex i have a really poor cpu (amd athlon 64 x2 4400+)
    i already bought 6670 igb ddr5
    so right now i going to change whole system except graphic card....and
    are u saying that to get 2x4gb instead of 1x8gb?
  3. Yes your cpu is poor, but whats the point of buying all those upgrades, while keeping such a poor gpu ,makes no sense lol when its gaming you want, but if your happy playing on low settings i guess the 6670 is fine ! :)
  4. i will buy a new graphic card after 1-2 year maybe.......but right now i cannot afford a high gpu with those high end upgrades.......i want make a future proof system about 10 years maybe :lol:
    hey chromex can u answer my questions so that i can make myself fully confirmed to buy those hardwares...
  5. please guys anyone help......

    just answer me those questions....

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