2x7970 OC BE Are #1?



Took 3 hours to configure, CFX isn't as easy as one thought with the many audio devices "installed" in your machine. Anyone having trouble with audio over Radeon 7970 in crossfire X try disabling all other audio devices. Other than that it was a pain finding the right drivers went with 12.6 and works flawlessly with ultra settings enabled at 2k and 1080p. It fixes ANY lag that was in Max Payne 3 due to tessellation and water, and with things turned all to ultra plays amazing. If you are on the hub if it's worth it, the answer is YES. I took the plunge, it unrelieved way better results than I was expecting.
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  1. Thanks for sharing. Nice monster rig you got there...
  2. NP, trying to share fixes so people that had same issue I did can get past it way quicker without throwing something lol.
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