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So, I have a PC, and I want to reset everything, but keep the OS. Will reseting delete the OS? I don't have a disk, just windows 8 pre-installed.
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  1. It depends.

    What is the make/model of your computer because most vendors have included an option to simply refresh your PC but leave the information intact.

    Get us this and we will try to help more.
  2. On the start screen - search for "Refresh your pc" or "Remove everything and reinstall Windows". You will find the result under Settings. (or from the charms menu select Change PC Settings then you will find these options under General.

    Refreshing will reinstall Windows but retain your files and installed Windows New UI Apps.

    Removing everything and reinstalling Windows will do what it says.

    You will need to reinstall your programs with either option.
  3. Alright, worked out. Thanks for the help guys.
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