First off I’m running a desktop computer using a mini wireless usb dongle there are no buttons or switches on the dongle, Where things started to go wrong, I brought a new modem and had to setup/join homegroup on my 2nd pc again as homegroup would not detect the main homegroup network and the wireless adapter was working at that point picking up the internet. Because I had problems with setting up homegroup I tried to fix it and in the prossecss of trying to figure it out I lost my wireless connection???

In "change adapter settings" it is set to DISABLED and when attempting to enable it, it loads but stays disabled. Now the wireless adapter won't enable at all. It won't even allow me to setup/add/create/join or search a network. It comes up saying unexpected error (no codes). It's like the computer is firewalled to the max, (Firewall is off) I think it might have something to do with a configuration

I've tryed:

Updating drivers

Reinstalling drivers

Tried a different WIFI dongle

Power cycle modem

System restore (failed)

Run services.msc and check the the entry for WLAN Autoconfig is set to automatic

(yes wireless is working fine from the modem, my phone is useing it fine and the drivers shows up as installed fine)

Only thing I know is it is a software problem weather its windows or other and If I was to guess what is the problem I think I might of changed a configuration to do with wireless/wifi that has blocked it. So if this was the problem how would I fix it taking into account what I said up top

Any ideas?
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  1. have you tried going to device manager, right clicking on the wireless adapter, uinstall the adapter?
  2. I was able to solve a similar problem by temporarily bridging the wireless and lan connections. See
  3. Same issue, solved by:

    Boot into safemode
    Uninstall driver and software
    Uninstall Zonealarm
    Uninstall Avast (or whatever)
    Reboot into safemode
    Install driver and software
    Reinstall your firewall and antivirus
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