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I read another thread asking the same question, but it is over a year old.

I have 2 - ASUS VW246H monitors (1920x1080). I am planning on a 3rd monitor in the near future, possibly a higher resolution IPS. This one could be 1920x1200 or even 2560x1600.

I will NOT be gaming on this at all. It will be used for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Outlook, Word, web browsing, etc. I am a web developer and very often have multiple full screen programs going simultaneously.

Will a card like this run it?

Or, do I need to stick with AMD? Or, is that just for Eyefinity?

My new monitor will most likely have display port, so I don't think I need to stick with the Sapphire "Flex" series.

Another small possibility is 4 of the ASUS 24's, double stacked. For that, I think 2 less expensive cards will fit my needs better, correct?

Thank you in advance for all your advice.
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  1. The nVidia 5XX series cannot support 3 displays at the same time. But 6XX series can.
    For more than 2 display, AMD 5XXX & onwards supports it with the use of display port & you do not need to activate Eyefinity to use 3 display. Eyefinity just makes the 3 display as one big desktop. If you do not want it, you can leave it disabled. Just be aware that if you have different resolution on your 3rd display & want to use Eyefinity, its resolution will be reduced to the that of the other 2 to have the same resolution across all display.

    And if you are not gaming anyway, you can select even the cheap AMD 56XX, 66XX or 7XXX cards & meet your need. It only depends on how much you are willing to spend for it.
  2. Could you look at these 4? Let me know what you think. The XFX and Gigabyte are pretty close in delivered price. The Sapphire is "slower", but has 2 gigs. The HIS seems to be the "best" as a 6870, but I'm wondering if the 2 gigs are a better value for my use. Thanks in advance...
  3. Yes. The 6870 is best value. The 2GB VRAM in the Sapphire only play an important role if you plan to do Eyefinity because bigger resolution requires more VRAM. But the 6850 is not strong enough for Eyefinity so it is somewhat useless & just a marketing gimmick.
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