Will a bad or weak power supply affect the video board

I have a HP Pavilion Elite HPE with a i7 processor and an nVidea card.
After running for 2 years, the video card now crashes the PC (BSOD) alerting me to the NVdriver.
This started after Nov 27, 2012 when microsoft pushed 3 updates for Windows 7.
My power supply has been having fan noises so I suspect it is going/gone bad.
? How can I test if the power supply is causing the video board to crash?
Strangely, I can run the PC if I recover to the point before the MSoft updates, but the Video drives still go south when I try to run a AVI or movie file.
? Can you help?
Leon R
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  1. Check the Votlages of it . As it is a HP PSU i suspect its not anygood.

    What is your full sysetm ?
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