Memory Cooler Issue

I've got a CM Storm Stryker case and planning to get Corsair's H100i CPU cooler and place it at the top of the case,thus replacing the 200mm fan......wondering whether it would interfere with the memory cooler on my mobo....

Mobo: MSI Z68A-GD65 (G3)

Memory Cooler: Zalman ZM-RC1000 ram cooler
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  1. The CPU water block won't get in the way of the RAM cooler and the RAM cooler shouldn't get in the way of the CPU water block as it is not much larger than the CPU itself.
  2. I'm actually mentioning about the radiator and fans...i mean would they get in the way of the ram cooler or not?
  3. i think--yes they very likely would

    even the northbridge heatsink on that motherboard may be an issue

    thats why i got a corsair h80 instead of a h100 for my coolermaster storm trooper--which is same case as the stryker in black

    i mounted the h80 at the rear
  4. there any difference in performance between h80i and h100i though?
  5. not a huge amount

    and with the h80 on the rear theres no problem putting 2 fans on for push/pull
  6. Thanks a lot mate!!
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