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Corsair 500R HDD vibration

I am hoping somebody who has experience with this case can help me out. I am overall happy with this 500R case, however I have a 3TB Segate that seems is causing the case vibrate making a very annoying buzzing noise. I've tried to make sure the cables coming from the hard drive aren't touching the side panel; but it's a real tight fit. I've zip tied them all down, but I still have the same problem, is there another location I can mount the hard drive, can I put the cage in the bigger bays or some how screw the drive in without using the tool less bay slots?

Thanks in advance,

Mike D.
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    You can buy vibration dampers.

    Or put some bubble wrap on the bottom and sides of the HDD leaving the top how it is.
  2. Thanks for the reply, the bubble wrap is a good idea. I've also come across a lot of posts; of people making their own suspended rig using elastic and cord. I will try both, as the noise coming from the case is not tolerable.
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