New built made snap sound and emit spark

I just built a new desktop with an Asus M5 motherboard, AMD A#+ processor, and Thermaltake case and power supply.

When I finished what I thought was everything I turned it on without the monitor hookup. This first time I could see that no parts were running and certainly not the cpu. I tried to fix a few wires I turn it on a second time and I suddenly hear a snap,and see a spark. I quickly shut it off.

It seems it may be the powers supply. I am just trying to rule out other possibilities before I send it back.

I was so excited because this was supposed to be such a great build. I got everything from a reliable supplier.

I know you guys can help.


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  1. I'm confused - you turned on the PC but it wasn't hooked up to the monitor? If you turned it on and everything was hooked up, then your CPU was definitely running. Unless you just mean that you turned on the PSU switch but did not actually power on the computer?

    If that's what happened, then it's definitely the PSU, because nothing else should have been getting power. If you actually powered on the whole computer, then it could be any part.

    Smell the PSU. Does it have a burned smell to it?
  2. List all your parts first, next did you have it plugged in and powered up or just plugged in? What wires were you messing with when you heard the snap and saw the spark?
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