Can i Sli GTX 560ti and GTX 590?

hey guys.. this is my first ever post here.. I am having a doubt.. i recently bought a new pc.. this is d config..

I7 2600 3.4ghz quad core processor
Intel® Desktop Board DP67BG
4x2 corsair ddr3 1600mhz RAm
Antec 550 watts SMPS
Msi Geforce Twin Frozer GTX 560 ti 1gb ddr5 graphic card.
1TB Sata HDD

my mobo does support both SLI and CrossfireX.. But wat im thinking is Can i SLi my MSI gtx560ti with a GTX 590.. I want to play Maxpayn3 and the GFX requirements ( recommended) is NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 680 2GB RAM or AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 3GB RAM (Highest)

I cant afford to get a 680 or 690 for now.. So.. Can i SLI 590 along with my current Graphics Card??
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  1. From Nvidia's SLI GeForce FAQ:

    "Can I mix and match graphics cards that have different GPUs?

    No. For example, an XXXGT cannot be paired with a XXXGTX in an SLI configuration.

    Can I mix and match graphics cards from different manufacturers?

    Using 180 or later graphics drivers, NVIDIA graphics cards from different manufacturers can be used together in an SLI configuration. For example, a GeForce XXXGT from manufacturer ABC can be matched with a GeForce XXXGT from manufacturer XYZ.

    Can I mix and match graphics cards is one of them is overclocked by the manufacturer?

    Yes. A GeForce XXXX GTX that is overclocked can be mixed with a standard clocked GeForce XXXX GTX.

    Can I mix and match graphics cards with different sizes of memory?

    When purchasing a second graphics card, you should try to match the memory size so that you are ensured full value and performance from your purchase. However, while it is not recommended, NVIDIA does offer the flexibility to run graphics cards with different sized memory by using CoolBits. Using CoolBits (value set to 18), you can force both of the cards to use the lower of the two memory sizes and operate them together in SLI mode. When dissimilar memory sizes are enabled to work together using CoolBits, the effective memory size for each card becomes the smaller of the memory sizes."

    It should technically work. But you need to use a program called Coolbits to match the memory of the lower card.
  2. buy the single gtx 590, sell's your current card.
  3. buy the single gtx 590, sell's your current card.
  4. can i keep both ? i mean can i aclty bridge dem on SLI ?
  5. Have you read the answer I posted for you? It should technically work. You need a program called Coolbits. Please read it, it will help you.
  6. You cannot sli two different gpu's. But if you want you can use your 560ti as a physx card, but there would be no use, since the 590 is so powerful that is can utilize physx on the single 590.
  7. The FAQ stated you can, as long as it's a GTX with a GTX. Also, it's also possible by forcing the memory to match the lower card memory. But, I think it's a waste to do.
  8. thanks.. now.. does it lower the performance of the 590? .. i :o
  9. I've never tried that setup. So, I am not sure.
  10. no, it wouldn't but you'll be facing some issue's so better to keep single 590 also good for future.
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