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FPS1000 4.1 speakers(4 speakers and a subwoofer, why are they SO SMALL but sound great?)!! What to set in games? Surround Soound? 4 speakers? When I do Live!Surround in Creative MIXER - it tells that it's not supported! So where should I set and what to get full potential of my stuff??? In Windows ME I can set to 5.1 speakers, surround sound or 4 speakers! WHICH ONE? Surround sound one doesn't seem to work! another question:
I have a 10x DVD-ROM DRIVE and it has analogue and digital pins for audio, it came with an analogue cable, I should hok to the DVD and my sound card??? what will that give me? where to hook on soun card? it has TAD, CD_IN, and AUX_IN. CD_IN? Answering any of those questions would help me A LOT!
Thank, You!
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  1. Here is the answer to you sound issue. If you have a 4.1 sound setup, go for the 4 speaker setup, If you are hooking the soundcard to a recevier, go with the Live Surround setting. As far as getting the digital connectors to work out of the DVD drive, I can't answer, but I currently have my DVD ROM hooked up through the analog hookup and it send Dolby Digital sound with no problem to my AIW Radeon, and to the DXR2 board that I had before I got the AIW. I do not think that it will be a problem. Hook the DVD player in the CD_IN or if you have two CD ROM's ( a DVD and a CDRW) hook the CDRW to the Aux and the DVD to CD_IN. If you have a 5.1 sound set up, (meaning that you have a center speaker, set it up to use the 5.1. the 4.1 should sound good, if not great.

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