Powerline Networking: Worth It?

So, I have a multi-story house (basement, main floor, upstairs) with a Linksys E3000 Wireless-N router and a 50Mbps cable connection that comes in through the basement. The router is on the main floor and connected to the modem in the basement via a CAT6 cable. I have an HTPC connected to the entertainment system in the basement and a WDTV on the main floor both connected to the router through switches that are connected via more CAT6 cables. My problem is that my main desktop - from which I do the majority of my work and downloading - is located upstairs, so despite the Wireless-N, I'm just not getting satisfactory network throughput. Due to the age of the house and the location of the room, I have no way of running a cable to my desktop without tearing out large sections of wall, so before giving up entirely I thought I'd look into running a LAN through an electrical socket. I'd never given any serious thought to powerline networking since I was skeptical and knew it wasn't very fast, but I was hoping Tom's users might give me some insight into whether this would be an improvement over my current situation. I had thought Tom's ran an article on this a while back, but I can't seem to find it...
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  1. as you said powerline is the very, very last option to use do to speed.

    Do you have COAX upstairs that you can tap into? if yes look into MoCA systems.


    Also have you looked into using a wireless Bridge Repeater or wireless Extender. I use an ASUS RT-N12 with DD-WRT firmware
  2. I used powerline once over two floors and this are the results

    200Mb gave only 20Mb
    500Mb gave only 35Mb
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