Unprotected wifi connection issues

Im using my upstairs neighbors wifi with permission. It has no protection whatsoever but recently i havent been able to use it anymore, and they both just went on vacation yesterday. Their dad was there for a day or two before they all left, my assumption is he thought i didnt have permission and did something to prevent me from connecting without mentioning it before they left.

Its full bars (its directly above me) but the router almost instantly doesn't respond when i try to connect.

Did he mac filter my wireless adapters adress? I tried changing my mac address on my wireless adapter (aka, desktop, as it doesn't have a nic) but Tmac cant change it successfully. Tmac is able to change my laptops mac though, but even after doing so i still cant connect to the network.

Other issue - right now im using a crappy 2 bar connection called ddrtvap on my laptop. The laptop sitting right where my wireless adapter for the desktop would be and it connects fine, but my desktop cant connect to this network (it connects to the network, but no internet) while the laptop does just fine. Windows repair is super usefull as it tells me something is wrong with my adapters settings but gives no clue as to what

They said they could be gone for almost a month, and i really need internet here for several reasons. Thanks for any help in advance

this is the adapter i have
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  1. There's no way round this without access to be able to cable to the router. Buy your own connection using a wireless dongle from one of the your local cell phone service providers. You aren't entitled to use other people's connections - it's against the law so come out of ddrtvap and spend some money.

    Sorry to have to preach but it's plain fact.

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