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So basically my friend wants to buy an msi r6770 1gb GDDR5 but at the same price he could also get a gainward 4850 golden sample but with DDR3 memory 512 mb and a good 600 watts aerocool powersupply!He currently has an i5 2320 and 4gb ram 500gb hdd
Here are the two cards:



My question is if some tweaking is done to the 4850, would it be better than the r6770? also right now he has a cheap 600 watts psu that delivers 10amps on the 12v rail and i know thats very weak.
Which of these 2 options would you consider best and why? he also wants to play bf3 and crysis 2
at playable fps. The 4850 is 2/3 the price of the 6770.Is this a good bargain or should he stick to the 6770? And the performance difference between these 2 EXACT cards, is it much? Personally i'm much drawn toward the 4850 because it is high end and the cooler is just better and for the remaining bucks he would get a new psu.Any quick response will be much appreciated!
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  1. The 6770 is a better choice. It will play Crysis (~30 FPS) and BF3 High settings (~40 FPS)

    The 4850 will be lower.

    But you can get a 7750 for even lower then the 6770. And it's a good budget card.
  2. The 6770 is usually a little faster than the 800MHz 7750 (although it is much less power efficient than the 7750) and about on-par with the 900MHz 7750. Besides, some 7770s are hardly anymore expensive than the 7750s, but they perform almost exactly on-par with the 6850 or even the 6870 with the top clocked models and all without sacrificing power efficiency. That seems to be a big deal if this PSU has so little 12v amperage tolerance.
  3. Many Thanks! i guess wee'll move on to the 6770 :)
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