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Hi again.

dell vostro 420, core2 duo(not even a good one), windows xp 32 bit, 4GB RAM.
These office computers already aren't very good, but a problem has developed. I have been told that when you click between programs too fast or when decent multitasking is involved, the machine freezes and goes to the BSOD. I assume that it is a cpu cooling problem because there was a reported burning smell. This is interfering with work, and soon, he will be switching to a dual monitor setup. However, it may just be the onboard usb burning out(disconnect problems). Is this a cpu problem, fan problem, or motherboard problem? what can I do to find out, and if it is an overheating cpu, how can I go about installing a new heatsink+fan?

In setting up, there will be a new computer, and the old monitor will go to an identical machine with the same problem. If it is an overheating problem, I don't want to add a monitor and increase workload resulting in more BSODs
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  1. Hi mate , working out if it's an overheating cpu is easy. Just head over to the BIOS and look at the idle temperatures of the system compared to another system...if it's relatively high compared to the rest you know you've got a problem with it. You can go about installing a new heatsink by first purchasing one , I recommend the Hyper Evo 212+ and there's a sticky somewhere on cleaning a cpu / heatsink and installing a new one.

    Hope it helped !
  2. first, I need to be sure that it is an overheating cpu, and unfortunately there is no thermal index. would you recommend opening the case and feeling for hot air? I know it should get hot on the inside if the cpu is hot and the fan is working.
  3. I am far more willing to bet that it is a PSU related issue. How ever if you are concerned with the CPU temp go to intels website get the max temp for that CPU, then run sppedfan, coretemp, hw monitor or any of the like and it will report the CPU temperature.
  4. I'd also clean them out. Get some canned air, blow out the fans (cpu, psu, etc) being an older system it's likely they are pretty nasty by now.
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    Office PC's are always clogged with Dust and Dirt. First thing you want to do is install a good temperature monitoring software : SPEED FAN or PIRIFORM SPECCY.

    Any of these 2 should tell you your current temperatures on the PC. If they are anything above 45-50 Celsius, buy a can of compressed air, open PC up and then clean the following: Heat Sink Fan, Case Fans, Power Supply Fans and also any dust in and around the Case.

    Also check all connectivity cables to make sure none of them have a loose connection. Check all cables inside of the case to make sure none of them are caught in any of the fans or trapped on a heat source.

    Check your temperatures again and report back if possible.

    Good Luck !
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