Help ME Out With Graphic Cards.........PLEASE

Guys, I have a poor cpu - 2 GB Ram & P-4 (3.2 GHz / Hyper-Threading)...
Right now I have Nvidia GT 210 but it is piece of ***...

I want to buy a new Card and have few choices -

ATi 6670 1GB DDR5
Nvidia GTS 450 1GB
ATi 6570 1GB
ATi 5670 1GB

I want to play games Like Assassins Creed 2, Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3....(at 1360x768 and moderate settings will work)

Help me with these or suggest anything better........PLEASE GUYS

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  1. Always prefer ATI cards.....they are more advanced compare to Nvidia though many people deny it.but it is true....
    ATI 5670 wud be gr8......better if you go little higher version.....
    becoz you by day ......newer games........higher go for higher end dear...
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    Thanx : )
  2. What cpu do you have. I used to have a pentium d 3.2ghz, put in a decent new graphics card and the likes of BF and gta iv were jittery due to the bottleneck of the cpu rather than the graphics card. Personally I would go for the GTS 450, have a look on some benchmarks on google.

    That is quite a low res so you might be ok.
  3. Quote:
    What is your psu rated wattage/model?

    Its a 400w PSU..
  4. will a GTS 450, added to p4 and 2gb ram, run Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 and also Skyrim..???
  5. thnx man...i needed to know...
    one more thing, my friend has GT430 with a pentium d processor and he runs Crysis 2 very smooth on moderate settings...So the 450 should perform much better, shouldn't it..??
  6. I'll go with GTS 450....its even faster than 6670 i it..?
  7. Thanks man....thanks a lot....
  8. Make sure u have a 6 pin connector for GTS 450 and a good brand psu like corsair, antec earthwatts, enermax etc. If not go for hd 6670.
  9. 6670 goes with a 4-pin connector..??
  10. and sorry for bothering again but one more thing - which one is gud GTS 450 DDR3 or DDR5..??
    DDR3 version is a quite a bit cheaper than DDR5 version...
  11. thnx again..DDR5 it is then...
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