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Hey guys I i came across this site and i must say its is a great site especially for people like me who have a lot to learn. i would say im quite an amateur in this field. well i upgraded my pc in 2008 and i mainly use it for gaming and its specs are

cpu AMD Phenome X2 550 black edition 3.1 ghz

MOBO Asus M2N68-Am plus

Kingston 2gb ddr2 ram

GPU Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 512 mb ram

PSU I ball LPE 223-400

Screen resolution 1600x900

Now one year back my computer used to work fine but now it has started giving me all sorts of problems. I mainly use it for gaming and other normal daily use. it frequently crashes crash dump (BSOD), sometimes
the screen doesnt start if the video cable is connected to the gpu starts if it is connected to the pin on the mobo. Games have also started crashing frequently.

So i need you help as im fed up of the problems it is giving me. All the suggestions are welcome..i need to upgrade it so that i can have a good gaming experience.
Thank you
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  1. try use VGA OB first ... and if want upgrade PSu first
  2. Hey,
    Thank you for the advice.
    I disconnected my gpu and used VGA OB and the computer was working properly . I mean now it doesnt crash abruptly as before while playing games. Definitively i have noticed the difference.

    I never knew about the importance of PSU and i googled my PSU model and found out that its is 250 w. So do you think it is enough to run Nvidia Geforce 9600 gt 512 ram.
    So should i upgrade it immediately b4 something serious happens to my gpu and my system????
    And which PSU would you reccomend and how many wattage.

    Once again thanks
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