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I have a New Lenovo T420 Laptop and experience some vertical lines flickers when I connect to a docking station, Have tried changing the docking station but having the same issue. If the laptop is not connected I don't experience any problem. Any idea what is happening on my Laptop and do you have any suggestions/solutions to my problem.

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  1. It sounds like the docking port on your laptop is not working correctly. Check that out, but if you don't find anything obvious you may have to take it to a service centre..
  2. Thanks ngrego.

    I already tried different docking station but still having the same problem. It might be the docking port on the laptop or power issue when it is dock. Anyway, Thanks again for your response.
  3. No prob! The docking port on the laptop is what I was talking about. I get that some times on my HP but it stops after reconnecting. Check if there are any misfigured pins or something else obvious.
  4. Its the docking port on the laptop itself. Happens all the time here at work. We usually have to do a shell swap to fix it. The pins on the dock side end up damaging the port on the laptop. This can happen if it doesnt sit 100% flat while in the dock, or if people try to remove the laptop from docks without using the eject button ;)

    Good Luck
  5. Thanks Triton05! funny thing is I tried a NEW T420 laptop and it is the same thing. It still flickers when it is dock, addition to that is I tried different power socket and power adaptor still the same. I'm still thinking what else I can do about this? I am thinking to move this laptop to different station and monitor if it will resolve the issue.
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