Are these good temperatures?

I recently built my first PC. I have installed SpeedFan on my computer and have collected a few numbers. Under a light load, here are the temperatures I get:

GPU: 25C
HD0 (OCZ Vertex 3 SSD): 24C
HD1 (5400rpm Seagate mechanical): 30C
Temp1: 28C
Temp2: 30C
Core 0 (Intel Core i5-3470 at stock speeds with stock heatsink): 26C

Are these good numbers?
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  1. Those are actually very good temperatures , use Prime95 and put your system under full load ( it'll cure the new thermal paste ) and see what temperatures you get. Also are you using the 3470 or the 3470K? Just making sure
  2. Amazing temps. The best i've seen in a while. Are these On Idle or Under Load ?
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