Hi everyone,

I'm interested in installing some red cathodes inside my HAF-X, does anyone know of some good and trusted brands to get? I've seen some on YouTube where you can make them glow in different ways (I'd like to make mine do a slow pulsing kind of effect :) )

Cheers for any advice.
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  1. watch this ;)
    and don't get cathodes.
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  3. +1 Dont get cathodes.

    I myself use LED . Better and more life !
  4. Don't get cathodes , a mistake I did. They're bulky and a waste. Get the " NZXT Sleeved LED Kit " they're AMAZING. Sleeved so they're black mesh cables and really bright. You also get a PCI-E brightness controller etc. Amazing kit and quite cheap.
  5. get a kit of bitfenix LEDs. best choice for the money
  6. I'll jump on the LED bandwagon, I myself am using LEDs. This is what I myself am using:

    Nothing too hard to do, just plug the molex connector and your done. If your looking for a long strip for a wider area then consider LED strips.

    Edit: Just to help you out, linus starts to talk about cold cathodes @ 2:30 (referring to the link mrdowntownkiller has provided)
  7. Finally found the thread after it's been moved :P thanks for your responses! I've never seen the NCIX LED's before so I'll definitely take a look at them!

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