CUDA and gaming graphics cards... anything on the horizon?

G'day all!

I'm a small time video producer and part time gamer, researching a new build.

Trouble is that the 6xx cards are WORSE at GPGPU stuff than the 5xx series were, which leaves me with a problem.

580 is better for work (and a little bit cheaper), 680 is better for play, but more expensive and less productive. (SLI is no good to me because CUDA will only recognise 1 card) I don't have the budget for a top end graphics card AND a good discrete render card.

So are there any rumours about a do-it-all card coming from Nvidia based on their Kepler architecture? A card with full Graphics performance AND full GPGPU? Is there anything worth waiting for or are these really my best options for the foreseeable future?

Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated!
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  1. GK110. but it will not come soon. also as a side note even if GK110 was geared towards more on gpgpu application there is a chance nvidia going to reduced its gpgpu potential if the chips ever become a geforce part.
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