Processor upgrade for ibm netvista 831162u desktop

Why is it so difficult to find what exact processor(s) are good up grades for the Pentium 4, 1.8 Ghz processor that came with my IBM NetVista 831162U computer. I think there is a 3.06 Ghz processor that is cheap on e-bay if itwill work. Help? :cry:
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  1. Honestly with that system....just buy a new build. Your build is quite old and that an upgrade will offer little performance gains and that processors for that system will be hard to find and overpriced. If determined to keep the computer then let me know, I'll go look for some processors but it wont be the best way to spend your money.
  2. I have seen some Pentium 4, 3.06 Ghz processors on E-Bay very cheap. That is the only reason I would consider an upgrade to this old machine. Maybe the processor for this dude is too costly to mess with, but If I knew the exact processor, I could at least see if it's feasble. Thanks for responding.
  3. Is this the system!?

    Kind of an antique....DDR memory of 128mb, 1.8ghz, a CD-RW drive....I think your client is due for an upgrade.

    Also can't find anything about its motherboard, do you know? If so I can take a look at the socket and supported processors.
  4. I don't know anything else unless you tell me what I can do to help.
  5. Well if determined to upgrade the processor then run this:

    And let me know if it tells you any specific details on the motherboard socket.

    Also, notify your client if he is open to creating a new build. I believe we can create a more modern computer (business purpose? )
  6. I flunked the course on determining anything about the mother board sockets.
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