Macbook Pro, or help me find an awesome windows.

Hey guys, I've been obsessing over getting a 15" Mackbook Pro from Oct of 2011. But let me give you a little about who I am and what I want to do on my laptop.

I want to play Dota2, borderlands 2, league of legends, Team fortress 2, World of Warcraft, and a few similar, on at LEAST high if not ultra graphics. I know none of these games are super demanding.

I'll also want to do a lot of video streaming from netflix and youtube @ least @ 720p

I want a higher quality built in camera for skype and facetime.

Obviously a dedicated graphics card.

Other then that I'll be just using it for school work and web surfing.

Now like I said, the MBP i've been wanting for a few months. Well I can't afford 1500 up front so I wanted to finance it, well I got denied. SO now I'm either having to wait till I can just fork out the cash all at once, or find a bad ass windows for around 800 (what I can afford right now).

So can you guys help with some links to some amazing windows laptops for under 800ish? I want a 14-16" screen, no 17"ers. And just as badass as you can get!
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  1. But it has the 610m that gpu is trash!
  2. How about the 3rd link i posted?
  3. can't seem to find a listed gpu
  4. It says below the picture in the deal description...
  5. Wow 650m, this deal is great, for 799, by far the best laptop I've seen for 800 bucks.
  6. And it beats a 2011 mac at least....
    It has a 640M GPU as opposed to the 650M in the MBP but it is half the price.
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  9. Can anyone else chime in? Is what I listed for my wants able to be 100% satisfied by a cheaper laptop?

    Are there any fans of the macbook here?
  10. i have macbook pro (2009) and wow and other games don't work unless you use bootcamp (windows 7) because mac don't open .exe files :/ i still have mine but just for a laptop just got a new gaming pc :L and streaming videos is all about your internet.
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