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Hyper 212 Plus Fan Curve

May someone instruct me on how to set a custom fan curve on my Hyper 212 Plus? I have tried unsuccessfully.
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    Could you have been more cryptic?

    I think you mean custom fan cooling PROFILE, so that your fan RPMs change as you dictate?

    I would guess for something like that, with that motherboard, you would need some software. Maybe Speedfan
  2. I would assume that since you have an Asus board, you should have AI Suite. Just use Fan Xpert from there. That's what I use and it works great.
  3. yes, according to Asus Fan Expert is included with that board, so maybe you just need to install it from the disk?
  4. Thanks for the answers so far, I will have to wait till tomorrow to do it. And yes I meant like changing the RPM so that at idle it will spin at X% and load at X% and will scale in between those.
  5. Here's how I have mine setup in Fan Xpert. It's extremely aggressive (I don't mind the noise so much, even with 2 fans in push/pull), but you get the point.
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