My computer frezzes in games

Hey there

i have built my own pc and everything works ok unlees when i play games then after 10-30 min the pc frezzes

MB: Asus P8Z77-V
Cpu: Intel core i5 3570k
Psu: Corsair ax 750
GFX: Gigabyte gtx 680 windforce 3x
SSD: intel 520 series 240 gb
Ram Kingston hyper x genesis 1600 mhz ram (

i have been looking but cant seem to find a solution

it is under 2 weeks old

i has been having exams so that why i first play games now
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  1. i have cpu-z and gpu-z, hwmonitor and intel burn test

    I installed the new drivers from nvidia when they came i used drive swepper and bootet into safe mode and used drive sweeper that way, as instructions say you should
  2. My temps are good under intel burn test my cpu is max 65 celsius and when the pc frezzes the gfx is max 50 celsius
  3. download Memtest +86 and copy it to a flash drive and boot of it and let it run over night to test your RAM. Might Be ram.
  4. You know, I just had this same issue recently...I fixed it when I noticed that windows update had installed a motherboard graphics adapter, and I also use LogMeIn..which ALSO installed a graphics driver.

    Once I uninstalled logmein and disabled the intel graphics everything ran perfectly!
    Not saying it'll work for you but just check it out to see if you have anything other than you 680 driver listed in your device manager.
  5. All important question: Freeze or BSOD? I had twin 8800s SLId in a machine for years, and a year or so ago PSU crapped out. I could boot and run normally, but it would BSOD after 15-20 mins in game...

    Regardless of freeze or BSOD, I'd drop in a known good PSU if possible and see if it fixes the problem. Unless you have a PSU tester, then just test it to make sure GPU is getting enough juice. New part does not always mean good part, you could have a lemon that provides juice for basic use but not enough to handle the thing under load.

    Just a thought
  6. i got corsair ax 750 that is 80 plus gold, and it is freezing where the picture just stops and i can hear fans spinning it is like you pause pause the game. And i can't get out off the game so i need to restart it
  7. i am in process running memory test, how many passes would you recommend
  8. is your rig OC'd?
  9. no not at all
  10. what is 2t command?
  11. i will run 5 passes of memory test and see if theres if not, see if it still freezes if not then i will try 2t command and see if that helps
  12. i have been running it for 16 hours now and 15 passes and no errors, so it is 100% sure that i got no errors with my ram right?
  13. Go to Start>Run

    Type in DEVMGMT.MSC to open the device manager. Right Click your video card(s) and hit properties. Click the Driver Tab and click "update driver". If driver is already up to date or updating the driver does not work...

    Is it one specific game? Have you tried other games to see if it crashes in them too?

    If it's one specific game, try other games to see if it causes them to crash too. If not, completely uninstall then reinstall that game. If you've tried other games and it crashes all of them, I'm 99% sure it's your PSU. It takes a little while til the GPU is under full working load, and as your PSU gradually dies over the course of the next few months, it's crash after less and less time in games until you can't even get into them. Try replacing the Power Supply. I know you don't want to, but if the RAM is fine and you tried all the other stuff I said then PSUs the problem, and if it's under 2 weeks old it should be under warranty.
  14. my psu is the ax 750 so that shouldn't be the problem, and i have the latest driver from nvidia
  15. and it is 80 plus gold
  16. can i not test it on for example in some software to see. like fur mark
  17. anyone?
  18. I'm telling you, try a diff PSU. If everything worked all the time, why would they warranty it?

    Futuremark or one of those GPU intensive things will work IF it runs for at least the amount of time that it takes to crash in game. so if it's a GPU intensive benchmark, and it runs for at least the 15 - 20 mins it takes the game to crash, it is a sufficient test.
  19. I will try that so.
  20. Also (stupid question I know), are you using the PCIe power connectors? Or are you using some sort of Molex/SATA power connector to PCIe Converter? Lastly are both 6 and 8 pin PCIe connectors plugged in?
  21. they are both plugged in ofc, and i use 6 and 8 pin

    i have modular cable so maybe they doesn't sit perfectly in the psu
  22. Personally I'd buy an older game such as Batman Arkam Asylum (something cheap known for good graphics in it's time) to see if it crashes in all games or just that one specific game.

    If it crashes in everything then the only possibilities I can think of are bad PSU or bad GPU. Reason I say change PSUs to see if it fixes it, otherwise you probably have a bum GPU. (Don't shoot the messenger). I hope it's not the GPU cuz you can buy another PSU for cheap, I don't even wanna imagine the RMA process for a GTX 680 at this point in time.
  23. it could not just be driver issues?
  24. what about fur mark to stress test and how long will you recommend to run fur mark
  25. your drive wont let games to play u have very high speed drive so that many games will run but freezes try to get a normal rive wd 64 mb cache drive which is good for gaming intel ssd 240gb per sec means your game boost but it freezes
  26. i have a 1tb green inside my system but right now it is not connected with data
  27. yes u have it use it for storing games and play it wont freezes games
    and i preffer use intel ssd to store windows on it secondly use 1 tb hd for games storage
  28. why i have heard that it is good to store on sad to get faster load times
  29. u looking for fast loading but the games also need rendering setting while he loading
    fast loading make u r pc to not run in default mode because u r hardware also configure it 3d rendering so use 1tb hd urs
  30. but i heard many that recommends ssd for games, so that it is bit weird i am having that problem, when i know people with ssd not having the problem
  31. ssd use for windows games movies music use hdd 1tb have u tried that one
  32. you mean ssd for windows and applications and hdd for music games movies and etc
  33. yes i mean
  34. ok thanks but i think it is weird, because i have never heard about problems with games and ssd
  35. then try yourself connect 1tb hdd to mobo and install games on it
  36. can i just move the game folder to the hdd or should i reinstall it on the hdd
  37. install games on hdd
  38. can it be because i have connected the monitor and the pc to the same wall outlet
  39. i was running 3d mark 11 performance preset and then suddenly it freezed and i waited a minute turned the monitor off and then on, and then windows came with the message "nvidia kernel 301.42 stopped working".

    does that mean that it is the driver that it causing the freeze?

    so when nvidia come with new major driver my problem will be fixed?
  40. what about using aida64 to troubleshoot?
  41. Has it been popping up this error every time or is this the first you've seen it?

    A few things I want to get straight:
    1) Is it BSOD, computer freezing entirely, or the game crashes and an error message pops up in Windows?
    1A) Has this error message happened every time, or is 3d mark 11 the first time that specific error has popped up?

    2) Have you checked other forums to see if anyone else has had this problem and what their solution was? Or at least what they tried that didn't work so you don't waste your time?

    3) Have you checked the manufacturer's site for new drivers? Sometimes manufacturers will tweak nVidia drivers to better suit their specific product. Tweaking CAN cause errors (one misplaced character, decimal place, etc can change the entire function of a program). See if your graphics card manufacturer has released a new driver to fix known issues, because you're probably not the only one having it.

    Troubleshooting is hard when you're not looking at the machine in question.
  42. in 3dmark11 the error pops up and in mist of pandaria it popped up after 10 min and 20 minutes later the screen totally frezzed, i maybe think it is because the driver stopped working and then the first and the first time it was recovered but the next time it couldn't be recovered

    i will try to run heaven benchmark to see what happens

    the only driver there is on gigabyte website 301.10 there 2 of 301.10 one that is 160mb and one with 201.7mb
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