Can't play games in fullscreen mode? only in windowed?


Title says it all. Whenever I try to play a game in fullscreen mode, I get 0116 atikmpag.sys error.

To work around this, I switched all my games to play in windowed mode.

Now in windowed mode, I am starting to get screen tearing and objects in game get extremely distorted and lines are all over the screen.

I uninstalled old drivers in safe mode, cleaned with cc cleaner, restarted, and reinstalled new drivers.

I'm really stumped here... I don't want to think that my graphics card is on its deathbed... but I'm getting close to that conclusion.

Any suggestions?
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  1. What video card and have you upgraded drivers to the most recent version?
  2. sapphire 5970 2gb. upgraded drivers but problem still persists.
  3. strange thing is windowed mode fumark works fine. full screen fumark or any full screen game instantly blue screens me, i have maybe about 10 seconds to see through the distortion on the screen and select "windowed" mode before i get blue screen of death atikmpagsys. stop code 116
  4. should also add, temperatures are all good. CPU is never higher then 45 celsius and gpu is never higher then 65 celsius. use msi afterburner to keep gpu cool under load.
  5. just did a fresh install of windows 7. tried to run the windows 7 "performance test" where it grades your PC. I didn't get a ablue screen, but my computer locked up and froze halfway through the test.

    Is my card done for? My poor 5970 ;(
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    It seems like your graphics card is on its way to its grave. How old is it? It might still be covered by the warranty.
  7. in 2 months it will be 2 years old... after paying $700 for this 5970 I expected more then 2 years out of it. Works in windowed mode because its only using 1 GPU, when it goes fullscreen mode it tries to use both GPU's and then I crash, so I'm guessing only 1 GPU is working out of the 2. or something is getting messed up inbetween the two chips? its a dual card... dual problems >.<
  8. Well it should still be covered by the warranty, so have them fix/replace it!
  9. whoa, I'm at 22 months into the 24 month warranty. I opened a support ticket tonight @ sapphire, I hope they honor the repair. I wonder what the turn around time will be now.

    Thanks for the advice, hopefully this works out after all!
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  11. Glad I helped ;).
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