What is the best computer case today!!!??

Hey community,

In your humble opinion, what is the best computer case on the market today? Please help, i am building a new gaming comp and the last piece i need is the comp... What to get!? Please support your claim!
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  1. Now that's a pretty open end question...we all have different opinions on what is deemed "best" , some people prefer aesthetics and some people prefer plain looks with good airflow design. Either way just state your budget and your own preferences and we can help you out. By your preferences are you asking for aesthetics or plain looks?

    Also let us know if your from the UK, or from North America, or any other country.
  2. Lol, i suppose that would've been a good place to start, huh? alright i currently am leaning twords the NZXT Phantom 410 white, or the Cooler Master Storm Enforcer ATX Mid Tower. I like the look of both of those while they do offer a decent amount of air flow. Im wanting something that looks equally bad-ass while still being effective. My budget is up to, at most, $125-$150. Also i am from North America
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