Corsair Hxx series doesn't require a watercooling loop right?

You can run it without a pump/loop and just use it to cool the processor right.

The exact model I'm getting is the H60.

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  1. I believe the Hxx series are called all in one coolers meaning they are pre-built and ready to run out of the box once installed on to the motherboard/processor.
  2. Its a closed loop cooler meaning that all its designed to do is cool the processor. Also the h60 is not a good cooler for the money it is outperformed by air coolers of lesser price such as the Hyper 212 evo which I also recommend.
  3. +1^ about the fact that air coolers can compete with closed loop water coolers/all-in-one coolers. At the price for an H60 you can grab a better air cooler, however the Hyper 212 EVO is comparable to the H60.
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