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just a little warning I'd like to pass on with regards to gaming hardware, I have been into games since back in the days of the sinclare zx81 and spectrum's (1980's), so I deffo feel I have a valid say, OK Razer has to be the worst company for build quality I have ever had the mis-fortune to come across, I first decided to treat myself to a nice headset, keyboard and mouse + hard mouse mat, but with so much choice what should I go for, after a little thinking that well I mostly game on my pc so I'll go for the gaming hardware. after all these items are hardcore gaming hardware that will be very durable and feature rich. why else would i pay up to and above 100's of "£'s" on just keyboard, mouse,mouse mat and headset ?
okie dokie, i must admit i was shocked for how much these items would cost me although surely the build quality would reflect this, on that thought I dived rite in.... Into the worse con I have ever seen :/ lol
After spending :
£49.99 razer nostromo / like this nice item works very well (probs belkins doing lol)
£74.99 razer Taipan /cant get on with it dont like layout geting rid of for the roccat kone xtd
£29.99 razer Vespula /works well but over priced peace of plastic.
£ 49.99 razer Arctosa /took straight back due to it being cheap crap/ replace for roccat ISUK
£ 104.99 Logitech D930 wireless headset / ok but not worth the money sound quality isusse sometimes great other times piss poor even in same game, took back replace with much fairer priced roccat KAVE (sounds much better than the D930's due to my x-fi xtreme gamer pro sound card)
Total £309.09p
i just had to laff and take most of it back! Who are they trying to Kid ahh thats it KIDS because the only people i could honestly say would fall for saying "these are quality items" must be a child who knows no better lol .. i must say i felt so ripped off lol if razer spent as much money on the quality build of the product as they have the packaging the they would be second to none ... Instead after opening such well boxed items you are left with some real cheap shite in the box ... after much taking stuff back i found a company called roccat a German company now im not saying they the best in the world but if compare razer to roccat then it a no contest, roccat at least give you solid build quality (items feel and look well made). the only things i have left made by razer are the nostromo (which is really belkin in Razer Branding and probs why its better than the other crap from razer) , the Razer Taipan Mouse Soon to be changed with the Roccat XTD, the biggest joke is the poorly built Arctosa keyboard, pile of cheap plastic in a nice box so changed it for the roccat ISKU keyboard which blows away all the faulty keyboards razer builds yeah big deal cherry switch keys blah blah just more spiel to make get ya cash out the switches are the only quality in the keyboard but if the quality of the keyboard is shite these switches mean nothing. all in all for me i'd feel happier walking out of tesco's super market with £15 keyboard and mouse than any razer product as i know it will deffo last longer lol.. anyway for me Roccat is a good place to start and they have set the the least standard i will except.. based on other company's quality and price Roccat wins hands down, for price and build quality.... so if ya in the market for new upgrades i can only say stay well clear from the over priced junk that razer will be more than happy to sell you although on a plus side razer do make very nice best quality boxing to store the junk in. give roccat a try .. you might even like them. im no fanboy but i do want quality for my money and it seems roccat are hard to beat for the cost and quality. i say this from hands on expriance. hope this helps anyone and this post will haunt you! if you dare walk the crooked path of Razer!
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  1. What abt the Gaming controller?
  2. What abt the Gaming controller?
  3. well what u have there is poor decision making on your side ^^

    i've got a razer black widow ultimate icw a mamba and i cannot complain about the quality, been using these for 2 years and have never had a problem.

    have had a razer lycosa which is the "deluxe" brother of the actrosa and yea absolutely right there it's crap, the paint came off the buttons within 1 year (no issue's with the black widow though, they seem to have learned there lesson.

    but with the taipei.... why buy it? u saw pictures right? u saw that the thumb buttons were in a stupidly high position... why buy it if u can see this in the pictures o.O
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