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Amd a4 3300 fm1 apu to be beefed up


I've inherited a AMD system with a APU a4 3300 (socket fm1). It's got a 400w PSU, 8gb memory ect.

I'm looking to beef it up to play games (diablo III, crysis 2 ect) at a decent quality comparable with a i3/i5 with a HD 7770. Will I be throwing money away to a lost cause? Is it better to start from scratch? Is it worth throwing in a HD 7750 or it bottlenecked?

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    how are you planning to beef it up? by overclocking? you didn't mention the mobo and I doubt you'll see any benefits in overclocking that A4 to compete with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd gen cor i proc.

    whatever you do it'll bottleneck. even hybrid crossfire is pointless. the APU's were designed as a good niche caterer for business' and HTPC's with lil or no gaming on it.

    start from scratch. You'll be glad you went new for a gaming rig.

    * btw you may want to take a good look at the make of the:
    PSU and RAM

    my 2 cents :)
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  3. you can start a new thread and ask for advice on a new build with a guestimated budget :) thanks for the BA vote!
  4. Thank, the mobo is A75A-G35 ms - 7695 ver 1.0, it's got PCI ex2. I was thinking maybe a. Hd7750, would give me an interim solution for Diablo 3 whilst I wait for something exiting to come along? I'd don't do much oc ing because I've been outta the game for a while and wouldn't know which software to use or how to oc multiple cores.
  5. tell you what, keep that machine for your light duties like watching movies, surfing the web and also doing some facbook/flash gaming but leave it at that. Don't drop anymore money onto it. All the gpu's will bottleneck it and any hybrid solutions are waste of time and money.

    your mobo doesn't seem to allow oc'ing.
    Edit: the mobo does allow overclocking but the VRM/mosfets will blow out since they don't have any heatsinks on them whatsoever.

    * for a game like diablo III I wouldn't drop any money on an HTPC card---> 7750/7770<---entry level gaming card.

    may I know where you live?
  6. Thanks again. :hello:
  7. Thanks again. :hello:
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